Semi-Permanent Eyelashes are different for each  client pending on their individual preference and lifestyle. Eyelash extensions can totally change a client’s overall confidence as they allow you to wake up with a perfect make-up application. Eyelash extensions can be worn for up to 5 weeks depending on the stage of each individual natural lash. However, the volume and cohesiveness of the overall lash look will only last for about 2 – 4 weeks with proper up keep, as your natural lash is continuously growing and/or shedding. Most people loose 2 – 3 natural eyelashes everyday on average. Eyelash Extensions can be worn while experiencing a full and exciting lifestyle.

To provide a seamless experience for every client. We offer 3 different Eyelash Extension Application styles: Natural, Dramatic and Super Dramatic.

The Natural Application (Mascara Look) delivers 3 options based on the amount and quality of the client’s natural eyelashes: Classic, Natural Volume and Hybrid. The Classic Application option is for the client who desires their eyelashes to appear longer not necessarily fuller. The Natural Volume Application essentially doubles the appearance of the natural eyelashes. The Hybrid Volume Application is a mix of the Classic and Natural Volume Lash Applications for a fuller but still overall natural look.

The Dramatic Application (Hollywood Glam) delivers a darker fuller look that will never need mascara. This look is for the client that wants to bring the drama with her lashes.

The Super Dramatic Application (Lights, Camera, Action) provides darkness and fullness that is great for any type of lighting and is perfect for pictures and videos!


Our process is also 100% TOTALLY SANITIZED


What you should know…

No client will be serviced with an apparent eye condition or while wearing contacts. Prior to your appointment ensure your natural eyelashes are free from mascara and eyeliner. In order for you to have the best outcome as it relates to longevity and adherence the lashing process requires that the natural lashes be completely dry and free of any oils or bacteria.

Keep in mind if we have to clean the natural lashes beyond the normal make up free standard a $20 Lash Bath charge will be added to the total balance. If time is not available for a lash bath the lash appointment time will be used up for cleaning. In an effort to provide an exceptional experience for each client, we do not cut into another client’s appointment time.

Eyelash extensions can not come in contact with moistness or huge changes in humidity for up to 24 hours to ensure the adhesive cures properly. This step allows the adherence of the eyelash extension to the natural lash to last longer with much more luster.

To ensure each client is satisfied with their service we require that each client partake in before and after pictures . No pictures will be published, linked or printed without permission of each client.

Any re-touches or pretty adjustments must be identified at the time of service and no later than 24 hours after the service appointment. The average CouturEye client refills their eyelash extensions every 14 to 28 days. To keep a consistent look, make sure you set up recurring appointments on our booking site or with our scheduling team.

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