Semi-Permanent Eyelashes are different for each lady depending on her individual preference and lifestyle. Eyelash extensions can totally change a lady’s overall confidence as they allow you to wake up with a perfect make-up application. Eyelash extensions can be worn for up to 5 weeks depending on the stage of each lash. However, the volume and cohesiveness of the overall lash look will only last for about 2 – 4 weeks with proper up keep, as your natural lash is continuously growing and/or shedding. Extensions can be worn while exercising, swimming, and attending the steam/sauna room.

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Our process is also 100% TOTALLY SANITIZED


What you should know…

No client will be serviced with an apparent eye condition or while wearing contacts.

Eyelash extensions can not come in contact with moistness for up to 36 hours to ensure the adhesive cures properly. This step allows the lash life to last longer with much more luster.

Clients must come to their appointment with no mascara or make up as this will create an additional charge of $15 and reduce the time to properly apply the preferred look.

We occasionally provide mobile services, for those services require a $50 non-refundable deposit for each appointment. Each client will be required to sign a waiver. $100 an hour plus a required 20% gratuity.

To ensure each client is satisfied with their service we require that each client partake in before and after pictures . No pictures will be published, linked or printed without permission of each client.

Any complaints, re-touches or pretty adjustments must be identified at the time of service. CouturEye only guarantees that lashes will stay on for 24 hours after application while the average client maintains their lashes for at least 2 – 4 weeks before touch-up.

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